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[Difference between dried shiitake mushrooms and fresh shiitake mushrooms]

[Difference between dried shiitake mushrooms and fresh shiitake mushrooms]

Mushroom foods are very common in life. There are many types of mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms are also one type. The three countries are also divided into dried shiitake mushrooms and fresh shiitake mushrooms. When people buy shiitake mushrooms, they will always be confused whether to buy dried shiitake mushrooms orFresh mushrooms, the nutritional value of these two types of mushrooms, are actually not large to each other, and have many benefits to your health, you must also consider your own needs.

So what is the difference between dried mushrooms and fresh mushrooms?


Nutrition From a nutritional point of view, dried mushrooms and fresh mushrooms are relatively small, except that the mushrooms remove water during the drying process, but the nutrients are basically preserved.

However, shiitake mushrooms contain a kind of ergosterol, which is generally lacking in vegetables. It can be converted into vitamin D by sunlight, which can promote the body’s absorption of calcium.

If dried shiitake is made from fresh shiitake and dried in the sun, its vitamin D content is higher.

However, many dried shiitake mushrooms are made by artificial drying. The nutrition between dried and fresh is not great.


Fresh shiitake mushrooms taste better in the sun. Eat fresh shiitake mushrooms that you buy from the market. You can get more vitamin D in the sun and eat them, and it is easy to preserve.

In terms of taste, dried shiitake mushrooms are more fragrant, because during the drying process, due to the transformation of the internal structure, more shiitake essence is produced. It is a unique flavor substance contained in shiitake mushrooms. Therefore, dried shiitake mushrooms are used.The stew has a stronger aroma and better taste.


Other dried shiitake mushrooms have less water content, richer flavor, unique flavor, but rough texture; fresh shiitake mushrooms are tender and smooth, and the meat is delicate.

In addition, dried shiitake mushrooms are not easy to digest, especially when they are eaten for children. Fresh shiitake mushrooms are rich in zinc, have good taste, are easy to digest, and are more suitable for children.