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[Can you drink milk for a cold]_milk_upper_can you drink

[Can you drink milk for a cold]_milk_upper_can you drink

Many people have the habit of drinking milk, and everyone will have a cold. Here I tell you clearly that you can also drink milk when you have a cold.

First, can I drink milk for a cold?

A cold can drink milk, preferably hot milk.

If you have a cold with fever, it is best not to drink milk, as it may affect fever, milk should not be taken with drugs, otherwise it will affect the absorption rate of drugs in the human body.

Cold can drink milk, mainly to supplement the body’s protein, so as to avoid excessive protein loss during the cold, it will also cause nutritional loss.

In addition, milk contains a variety of nutritional ingredients, including 8 amino acids and protein eggs (casein, albumin, globulin, milk protein, etc.) required by the human body, which is very helpful to the recovery of the body.

As long as you do n’t eat spicy and greasy foods during a cold, you can drink milk.

Drink milk when you have a cold. Note that you can reduce the amount of milk you drink.

However, drinking more milk during a cold is not recommended.

The reason is that medicine is taken when necessary during a cold. If you drink milk, it will affect the absorption of the medicine.

In addition, during the cold, the body’s immunity, resistance, and digestive ability of the gastrointestinal tract are weakened. If too much protein, the weak body can not absorb it.

Therefore, during the common cold, the patient’s diet should be light, eat more digestible foods, and eat more fresh fruits to supplement vitamins, but foods such as high protein and high aunt cannot eat more.class.

Although milk is very helpful for patients, improper consumption of milk products can cause discomfort.

Therefore, cold can drink milk, drink a moderate amount of milk will help the body recovery, but pay attention to moderate intake, not drink too much milk, so as not to affect the body’s absorption of drugs.

Second, choosing a high-quality protein when you have a cold can increase your body’s ability to repair.

High-quality proteins include tofu, soy milk, eggs and deep-sea fish.

However, milk is prone to sputum, and some people have low lactose tolerance and diarrhea. It is not recommended to use milk as a source of protein.

People with respiratory diseases are cold and cold. Drinking milk will increase the degree of coldness and humidity in the body, increase cold phlegm, and reduce immunity.

It is also inappropriate for people to drink milk during a cold. Milk makes sputum in the respiratory tract during a cold, and the disease worsens, which can make symptoms improve slowly.

When catching a cold, the digestive and absorption functions in the body are relatively weakened, digestive enzyme secretion is reduced, and the activity is also relatively reduced. Moreover, the high temperature in the body is easy to break down proteins, and proteins are not easily digested and absorbed.

Therefore, when you have a cold, you can reduce your protein intake and drink more water.

Dilute the milk appropriately to solve this problem.

Also, don’t add sugar when drinking milk, 1 before and after taking the medicine?
It is best not to drink milk for 2 hours.

Third, it is best not to eat cheese and other indigestible dairy products when you have a cold, but you can drink some milk appropriately.

If you have a bad appetite, drink some yogurt.

After a cold, the digestive system function of the human body is reduced, and the trace amount of cheese is relatively high and difficult to digest. It is not recommended for cold patients.

People with respiratory problems, including colds, can drink yogurt.

Yogurt aids digestion, reduces the time of food retention in the abdomen, can also reduce the sputum accumulation caused by “food fire”, reduce the coldness and dampness caused by the retention of water in the patient’s body, and avoid phlegm and asthma.

Don’t drink milk immediately after drinking Chinese medicine!

After drinking milk, gastrointestinal motility will accelerate, and interaction with Chinese medicine may cause diarrhea. The two should be separated by at least half an hour.

And blood-containing Chinese medicine containing iron ions, combined with theophylline, will lose its efficacy.